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Medical Journalist

Medical-Journalist-Press-Card national Medical-Journalist-Press-Card national

The DFJ e.V. and Medical-Journalist is entitled to issue press cards. It is only possible to issue press cards to members. The annual subscription fee for membership of Medical-Journalist (including vehicle press badge) costs EUR 89.00. Irrespective of when the membership begins, it always remains valid until the end of the current calendar year. Provided that the membership is not terminated in writing by 31 October in each year, it is automatically extended by another year.

The press cards are automatically issued as part of the membership and are free. The press cards remain valid until the end of the current calendar year and are extended as part of your membership.

The press cards are the property of Medical-Journalist and should be returned without being asked on terminating the membership.

The press cards may only be used for journalistic purposes; abuse of the press cards will lead to it being withdrawn immediately. You use it at your own risk.

The press cards are principally used to provide proof that you are a member of Medical-Journalist.