For 20 years your reliable journalist-organisation.


DFJ – Your reliable journalist-organisation since 2004.

We at the DFJ e.V. (German Association of Photo Journalists) have represented with commitment since 2004 the interests of people who work as journalists. With attractive press conditions for our members we make it easier for your profession to practice in many areas.

The DFJ e.V. - Germany's strong non-tariff representation of interests for journalists and Media professionals who work full-time or are mainly active in the areas of photography, print, internet, marketing, radio or TV. The association represents photographers, editors, word journalists, authors, public relations workers, press officers and other press and media staff.

Support and empowerment

As the German Association of Photo Journalists DFJ, we would like to support our members in carrying out their work and strengthen modern journalism throughout the Internet. Our journalist association offers all media professionals a platform where you can exchange ideas with colleagues and enjoy many benefits.

Modern media and forms of work determine journalism today and we as a press association are very open-minded in regard of this work. Our members will find many providers on our homepage who offer further education, courses and training.

As a member of our association, you also receive discounted or even free admission to numerous events throughout Germany. In addition, our press card gives you discounts and benefits that will make your work easier.

You can also save enormously when buying or leasing a car with a DFJ e.V. membership. It goes without saying that we are, in terms of journalism and financially, completely politically independent.


Discounts, promotions and special conditions for our members


Zimpel Verlag

Our members are able to get enlisted into „ZIMPEL 5 - Freie Journalisten” for free.


Versorgung Presse

Legal protection, public liability and equipment-insurance


Journalisten has currently the largest collection of mediaprices for journalists in germany.


We would like to address you with our offer!

Although we operate under the name Deutscher Foto-Journalisten-Verband, we also look after the interests of tv, radio, word- and internet-journalists. Especially today, the different editorial content can no longer be clearly separated, so that membership makes sense for many journalists, even if journalistic photography does not appear in your field of work.

As DFJ, we are therefore open to any kind of activity in the media sector, including freelancers and influencers, and look forward hearing from you. If you're not sure if you are in the right place, feel free to contact our friendly team or apply for membership on our homepage. We will review your application and get back to you very quickly.

We are your professionally experienced German photojournalist association

As a member of the DFJ e.V. you benefit from a large number of attractive special conditions. Contact us and let us advise you on your membership!