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Journalisten-Tools offers some very handy tools for journalists: useful web-services, browser plugins, software solutions for Mac or Windows or simply stunning web-links. Emphasizes are Evernote, Twitter, Blogging, Storytelling, Mobile Publishing, WhatsApp.

This website is online since December 2013 – editor in chief is Sebastian Brinkmann, the founder of, which he ran from 2000 to 2014.

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Laws for photographers

We strongly recommend this book on the legal concerns of image rights and copyrights, written by the lawyer Wolfgang Rau.

All essential topics regarding image rights are brought to you in a simple and easy to understand language. Especially faqs regarding the copyright of photographing nature, architecture, wildlife, venues, humans in public are answered effectively.

Practicable examples for image rights in the Internet, contracts for photographers or models, excerpts of legal texts.

Now, the second edition also contains the special circumstances that are valid in Austria and Switzerland.

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Recht für Fotografen

Current workshops

Workshops from the Duisburger photo-school of Olav Brehmer.

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Aktuelle Workshops