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The publisher of press cards for journalists

The Deutscher Foto-Journalisten-Verband e.V. (DFJ e.V.) represents the interests and values of its members, most of whom are dedicated full-time to modern journalism and media. Among other things, we issue nationwide press cards. The international press card, on the other hand, allows you to identify yourself as a DFJ journalist abroad.

Our international press card usually proves its worth quickly when your research takes you beyond the borders of the Federal Republic. Upgrade your DFJ membership now to be prepared for such an eventuality!

Press card international

International press card: requirements and advantages

You can also apply for the international press card via our website. The annual fee for the international press card is 20 euros and is payable in addition to the German press card.

When travelling abroad, you can use the multilingual press card to identify yourself as a journalist traveller.

Would you like more information about our services and the advantages of DFJ membership? Then please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

The German Photojournalists' Association now has numerous members abroad. Therefore, all journalists are offered an international press card as part of their extended membership, which can be used to identify oneself as a DFJ journalist outside Germany. It is just as easy to apply for as the regular press card.

One card, five languages

The international press card is only available to registered members of the DFJ and entails an increase in the annual membership fee to 89,00 euros. In return, you receive a card labelled in English, with all the necessary data and information presented in four other languages on the back. Experience has shown us that not only German press cards but also the DFJ card in particular are well received abroad. In addition to public institutions, there are also numerous private institutions that grant free or at least reduced admission to holders of our press card or provide support in other ways. In addition to public authorities and press conferences, these also include:

  • Trade fair and sales events
  • Open-air concerts
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums and galleries
  • Openings
  • Discussion rounds.

Identify yourself!

If you spend a lot of time abroad as part of your research activities, it is definitely worth upgrading your press card to the international model. You will see that interview partners, event organisers and doormen react positively to our ID, and you can also hope for discounts and benefits at car dealers, travel agencies and hotels when you show your membership. For example, if your camera gets damaged while you are abroad, you identify yourself as a DFJ journalist when you buy a replacement: Very likely they will give you a good price!

Cancellation of the press card

Like the regular copy, the international press card is always valid until the end of the current calendar year and must be cancelled by 31 October at the latest, otherwise it will be automatically renewed for another year. As the card is the property of the DFJ, it must be returned without being asked when membership expires. We also reserve the right to confiscate it on our own authority in the event of misuse.

Are you not yet a member of the DFJ? Then you can apply for your national press card here. From there, it's just a short step and an international press card of the German Photojournalists' Association is yours!

Become a DFJ member now, because:

  • ✔ Admission to closed events
  • ✔ discounts on the purchase of vehicles or trips
  • ✔ free press sign for your car
  • ✔ open-minded interview partners
  • ✔ quick and uncomplicated application