The DFJ’s international press card

Since we now have a lot of foreign members, the international press card is now being offered to all DFJ members as part of their membership.

Each DFJ member can now apply for and receive this additional press card. You only have to request it!

With the international membership, your annual membership fee increases to EUR 83.00.
In return you will receive the additional international press card.

Presseausweis international

The benefits of the international press card:

The English text and the four language versions written on the reverse side enable this press card to be easily recognised internationally.
This provides many advantages when working and visiting places abroad. Our experience has shown that particularly foreign companies are very favourably disposed to press cards from Germany.

Not just public amenities but also many private institutions such as museums, parks and events grant free or at least discounted admission to journalists with such an international press card.

So make sure you use your international press card for all your visits abroad!