The DFJ e.V.

The DFJ association, which was founded in March 2004, is dedicated to representing and protecting the journalistic interests and values of its members, whereby it also lobbies on their behalf.

Our mission is to support those who principally work full time in the field of journalism, whereby we also recognise those who mainly work as Internet journalists. The field of professional Internet journalism is taking on increasing importance, which is why it now provides a focus of the DFJ’s work. It is also particularly important that people who principally work as photojournalists are also supported, since the DFJ places a greater emphasis on photojournalism than written journalism.

The DFJ also acts as a link between its members and other associations and organisations with which the DFJ has continual contact.

The DFJ issues its own national press cards. The DFJ press cards can be very useful in many situations and also serve as a membership card. They also enable you to gain various discounts.

The DFJ is independent, which specifically means that it is:

  • Politically independent
  • Financially independent
  • Journalistically independent (independent of publishers and the media)
  • It is not a trade union or labour representative

You can download our application form as a PDF file: Application form
or use our online application form!

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