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Your competent modern media journalists' association.

Our journalists' association DFJ has been working with commitment and passion for media professionals such as journalists, bloggers or influencers for many years. You too can benefit from the perks that come with our press card and become a member of our organisation!

How do we support journalism?

With a press card, you receive attractive journalist discounts or press conditions to reduce your operating costs. No matter whether it is a direct or indirect cost, thanks to the wide range of press conditions, you do not have to factor in high costs when practising your profession. As a member of our association, you will also receive discounted or even free entry to various events in order to report on them. Our aim is to support journalism in the best possible way.

Our association protects your interests

At the DFJ, we see ourselves as representatives of all our members. We are completely independent, both politically and financially. This is how we ensure that you can freely pursue your profession. With us, you have a supporter at your side who does not expect any editorial quid pro quo in journalism. As a press association, we are also in constant exchange with other related and industry-related representative organisations. In doing so, we are always concerned with safeguarding the interests of press freedom.

We have an open ear for you

If you have questions about your profession or problems with organisers, clients, agencies or legal issues, we will be happy to advise you. We take time for your concerns in order to help you in a sustainable and comprehensive way. We arrange advice from specialist lawyers for our members. We also offer appropriate contracts for you free of charge in the members' area.

We are also your experienced partner in internet journalism.

Internet journalism in particular has been steadily gaining in importance for years. Increasingly, journalistic roles are also being filled by influencers or bloggers. The influencer industry is a huge, constantly changing market. Therefore, DFJ has also opened up to the many concerns of this subfield, Instagrammers, Youtubers, bloggers or special influencers. We are happy to support you as an influencer, content creator, freelancer or blogger with our services as an association. Furthermore, we represent your interests and concerns in public and make it easier for you to practice your profession.

You can rely on our photographers' association

With a membership in our professional association, your work as a specialised journalist, freelancer, blogger or influencer is comprehensively facilitated. Give us a call and let us advise you! Annual membership unchanged since 2004 63.- Euro! Includes press card and car press badge.

You are welcome to download our application form as a pdf file: Application form
or use our online application form!

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