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I am applying for membership of the DFJ e.V., Dr. Schellerer Strasse 59, 94234 Viechtach, Germany.
The annual membership fee is EUR 63.00 (6-month membership fee EUR 31.50) including the vehicle press badge. In addition, there is a one-off registration fee of EUR 20.00 to be paid on registering.

The press card remains valid until 31 December. I can terminate the membership before the end of each year by 31 October at the latest.

In the subsequent years I will automatically receive the press card (including the vehicle press badge) as part of my membership for an annual fee of EUR 63.00. The DFJ reserves the right to reject applications or to request evidence of employment.
In addition I would like to apply for the international press card, which costs EUR 20.00, as part of my DFJ membership.
I confirm that I work full time or mostly full time in the media sector and I am enclosing editorial confirmation or proof of employment.

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I have read the privacy policy and accept it.
I work as a photographer for AnyPix ( and at least one uploaded image from me is already available online. This means that I DO NOT HAVE TO PAY the one-off registration fee of EUR 20.00 in order to register with the DFJ.

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