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Information about being a member of the DFJ e.V.

Who can be a member?

The DFJ is open to anyone who works full time or predominantly full time as a journalist. We will be pleased to check each application.

If you already work for media organisations or are principally involved in online journalism, we would also be pleased to verify your eligibility for membership.


Proof of journalistic work

In order to accept your membership, the DFJ requires proof of your journalistic or photographic activities. Alternatively, you can tick the option on the application you send us that confirms you work full time in the media sector and enclose confirmation from your respective editorial office.

We will check your application and, if necessary, request additional evidence.

The following documentation can be used to provide proof:

  • Presentation of an editorial contract, imprint or invoice that provides evidence of your journalistic activities.
  • Confirmation from a publishing house, editorial office or stock photo agency.
  • Submission of publications from the last 12 months or other evidence of publications.
  • Public relations work for associations, groups, companies and authorities.
  • Confirmation from the responsible tax office that you are professionally involved in journalistic activities.
  • Confirmations from persons who are responsible for press and PR work in companies and other institutions.
  • Copies of other recognised press cards.

The Executive Board of the Association decides whether you application will be approved. The application can be rejected without giving reasons.

How much does the membership cost?

The annual subscription fee for membership of the DFJ (including a vehicle press badge) costs EUR 69.00 (from June, a six-month membership costs EUR 34.50). Irrespective of when the membership begins, it always remains valid until the end of the current calendar year. If it is not terminated in writing by 31 October in each respective year, it is automatically extended by a further year.

You will be automatically issued with a free press card and vehicle press badge as part of your membership. The press card remains valid until the end of the current calendar year and is extended as part of your membership. There is merely a one-off registration fee of EUR 20.00.

Application and means of payment

In order to apply, please print out this PDF form (download), fill in all your details and send it to:

DFJ e.V.
Dr. Schellerer Str. 59
94234 Viechtach


or use our brand new online application form!

In order to process your membership application, we require:

  • The fully filled in application form
  • The aforementioned evidence that you are professionally involved in journalistic activities
  • 1 passport photo

The application will be processed within an average of 10 working days.

You can pay by direct debit (please give your precise bank details!) or we will send you an invoice (the press card will only be sent on receipt of payment).